How to Protect Your Finances (and Heart) from Romantic Con Artists E-Booklet: US $2
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Are you vulnerable to the charms of a dishonest lover or suitor... or know someone who may be?

Here are my 175 smart tips for any one of any age who could become a target of a romantic con artist. On page 20 I reveal how I outsmarted a man who swindled others out of more than $90,000. I got back my $170 before he went to prison.

How to Protect Your Finances (and Heart) from Romantic Con Artists Smart people have lost their investments, jewelry, art, jobs, homes, businesses, and professional reputations when they trusted a clever liar. Learn how to protect your assets and -- if you've been stung -- take legal action to recover what's yours and begin the healing process. Andrea Reynolds doesn't want to see or hear about another man or woman swindled in this country so she decided to make this 20 page report affordable to more people. Now there are no excuses... educate yourself. Purchase and read this report so you can protect yourself and never be caught off guard by anyone!

Here's what one man said: "Your booklets are enormously helpful and include wonderful, helpful information about these con artists." - Jim, who was working to rescue a family member from a swindler. (He bought two copies: one for the "victim" and one for himself to better support her.)

• How to identify the "sweetheart swindler" quickly,
• How to identify a compulsive liar who may or may not be a swindler,
• How to discover if you could be a potential target,
• Tips for discovering if you're in trouble: the first signs,
• Ways to safeguard your savings, income, business, possessions,
• Steps to outsmart him at his own game. It's possible!
• Documents you'll need to retrieve what's yours.