Stained Glass Hanging: US $75

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Stained glass Iris in blue and yellow, framed in wood with chain for hanging. Paid $125 for it, but someone's child stepped on it as I was wrapping it for packing and the clear glass cracked. I put clear packing tape on it and it's barely noticeable.

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2001 Apple iBook Clamshell laptop: US $75
I will throw in an Ethernet cord for Internet connection.
Collector's Item. Compare to
eBay prices.

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APPLE iBook Clamshell 2001 $75

closedclamshell+power cord
Closed iBook clamshell with power cord

Apple iBook clamshell laptop bundle

Startup, showing Operating System 9.

The desktop

Network setup
The network setup page to connect to email.

5 manuals + Ethernet cord
5 manuals; and Ethernet cord ($15 at Best Buy)