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Outdoor Thermo Kitty HOUSE with warming pad. Folds up for storage.(They're about $40.) $30

2015-06-24 20.43.46
Blue litter pan and scoop, used, but cleaned and bleached: $2

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Thermo Kitty Cafe. Purchased for a stray cat in my yard, but never used. She came into the house in early October before it got cold. $25 (They're about $40.) It plugs in to an electric outlet and keeps water and food from freezing when feeding stray outdoor cats/animals when it's bitter cold. You need a power source.

2015-06-24 20.45.56

Pet carrier - 14" x 22" long x 14" high. I taped the side holes to keep out the cold in winter. Has two food/water dishes that attach to the door. Comes apart for easy storage: $15.

I taped the sides because I used the carrier as a temporary shelter for a homeless cat to keep the wind and snow from coming in. Comes apart at screws in 3 pieces. Inside dimensions: 14" wide, 22" long, 14" high.

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Cat carrier, comes apart for easier storage. Two plastic food/water dishes included; $15.00