All are original, all in working condition.
Details and prices are coming soon.

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Personal Photocopier Includes toner cartridge. $10

LG flip phone, comes with original box, house charger, car charger: $15

Verizon, mobile hot spot. It plugs into a regular electric outlet to charge, then you can take it anywhere for a Wifi hotspot. Fits in your pocket: 2.25" x 3.5".Plans were$30-50-80 a month for 3-5-8 gigabytes. No early termination fee with this device in your possession. Purchased 11-26-11, comes with orig. box and sim card. Works anywhere in US that Verizon services. $50

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10-foot HDMI Cable (new). $3.00 (3 available)

I bought a package of 6 of these; all have both male ends. If you are abandoning Cable TV and going to Roku or Amazon Fire TV, for example, the necessary HDMI cable is not included. You will need this. It works for other devices as well. I don't need them; none were ever used. 3 still in sealed packages. Online prices range from $5 (Roku, Amazon) to $9 (WalMart) and even $13 (Amazon Fire TV, only 6 feet long) and $40 (Best Buy). Save yourself some money! Take as many as you want: or all 6 for $15. West 38th and Pittsburgh Ave.

BELOW: 2001 Apple iBook Clamshell OS 9

See more photos and info on this page:
Apple iBook Clamshell

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APPLE iBook Clamshell 2001 FREE See bundle below:
(Not a good photo of the iBook; I'll replace it.)

BELOW: APPLE Performa PC 1994
FREE (Both photos)

Vintage 1994 Apple PC Performa, printer, software, accessories FREE

Entire bundle: monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, software, manuals, Apple Colorwriter printer, power cords, etc. Everything works. I can have it set up so you can examine everything. Location: West 38th and Pittsburgh Ave. area. No holds. (I have 2 more Apple computers to sell. All working.)

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This is the Apple ColorWriter Printer and 2 additional boxes of software. It's part of the bundle for the Apple Performa PC, in the photo above.

BELOW: 1998 Everex Stepnote laptop bundle $25 Microsoft Windows 95

Laptop works. Includes power cord, disk drive, internal CD drive, manual, mouse, 13 software backup disks, laptop bag, phone connector, copy of Microsoft Windows 95 for Dummies (book), the following software CDs:
Music Match (Jukebox)
Corel Ventura 8
Windows 95
HP Print Shop
Microsoft Office 97 Small business (still sealed)
Supervoice (fax)
Symantec Norton Anti-virus

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Part of the Everex Stepnote bundle

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Manual and original invoice ($2,200)

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13 Backup Start up Disks

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Deck & Landscape software (still sealed).

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WillMaker software, Still sealed.

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Laptop bag and floppy drive.