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All these are in mint condition and suitable as wedding or Christmas gifts.

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Mikasa Lead Crystal Cookie/Candy Jar with lid. 6.75" x 6" wide. Lid: 2" tall. $10.00.
Mint condition. Made in West Germany. 8" tall Selling on Etsy for $65.

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Pinwheel lead crystal vase. 10" tall. 4" opening. 17" circumference. $20.

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Tall heavy cut glass vase. 11.75" tall x 5.5" wide. $20.

Crystal compote with pedestal: 5 7/8" tall x 7.5" wide. $20

gold rimmed crystal fruit bowl
Vintage, pedestal, gold edged, lead crystal fruit bowl: $25.00
6 1/8" tall; 8" in diameter.

silver:crystal ashtrays
Two of 3 silver and lead crystal ashtrays. Diameter: 7" and 3.25" The middle size is missing; it possibly was thrown and broken in the heat of an argument. These two ashtrays got split up in my parents' divorce and came back to me 60 years later after both had passed away. I've polished both since photographing. $10 and $30 or $35 for both.

2016-05-16 16.16.55

Crystal wine/sherry decanter: 8.25" tall, comes with 2 stoppers. One fits but the knob is too small; the other stopper has the right size knob but is too thick for the opening. A glass sander could make that one the right fit. $10

Tall vase for long-stemmed flowers: 14" tall. $5.

2hexagonal vases
Two hexagonal glass vases: 9" tall x 5" wide. $10 for both.

Russian lead crystal relish dishes
Lead crystal (heavy) relish dishes, gift from Russia. 9.5" x 3.5" and 4.75" square. $5 for both