I forgot I had this blue lace dress from the era of Downton Abbey. I bought it in 1974 at an antique shop in Vancouver British Columbia or Edmonton Alberta, with an almost-matching blue lace jacket. I may auction them both to the highest bidder.

Circa 1920-30s. There are a few small tears that need mending, but not bad condition for being at least 85 years old. Maybe a Downton Abbey fan might want it. In the 70s a group of us would gather for a picnic in Toronto's Mount Pleasant Cemetery in long chiffony dresses and big hats, a la the 1910s.

I wish I knew the size. Probably small; people were shorter and thinner in those days. They didn't put labels in clothes back then, I guess. I can measure the width and length but lace has a lot of give. In its delicate state I hesitate to try it on myself.

will start the bidding at $50. I paid that much back in the 70s. I was a fashion designer back then, and just wanted the dress for display. I never wore it.