Location: Erie Pennsylvania

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Ford E-250 cargo van, V-8, with ladder rack. Fair condition. Has 51,000 miles. I'm the second owner, have owned since Sept. 2004 when it had 22,000 miles. I have all receipts for repairs for 12 years. It's in good condition, has automatic transmission, air conditioning, stereo radio/cassette player, hitch on back, roof rack, with a few cosmetic imperfections. A very good work van, can haul drywall, plywood, 2 x 4s, large pieces of furniture, queen size bed, appliances, etc. Also a good stealth van if you're a van dweller or want to be. Kelley Blue Book ( suggests $3808.
Will consider Layaway plan.

Odometer reading, not yet 51,000 miles.

I'll remove all lettering if desired.


2002 Ford E-250, Odometer: 51000 miles (at July 29, 2016).
Purchased Sept. 30, 2004 with 22,500 miles.
I have the title in hand. Notary Public is 1 mile away to do the title transfer.
Contact me if interested or if you have questions:
Andrea TEXT: (814) 431-9278 eastern time zone. (ERIE, PA)

Perfect for stealth van dwelling.
Has ladder rack and web address:

Has AM-FM radio and cassette player.
Air conditioning, passed 2015 inspection and emission tests.

Something else:
I paid to import it into Canada. So if a Canadian wants to buy it, or someone wants to move to Canada that's a savings of $750 - 1,000 savings. I have the old Ontario plates they can use. I'll remove my vanity plate, though: HOW2BKS.

I also have all the repair receipts from 2004 onward.



Current registration sticker

Current Inspection stickers

letters on Van
The web address gives credibility to declaring yourself a handy person. You can have the domain name, too.

Pasted Graphic 1
Van has a hitch on the back bumper. I'm keeping the vanity plate.
You could possibly mount solar panels to the ladder rack.

Two cosmetic issues. Rust starting behind rear wheel above exhaust pipe. The side door lock was picked unsuccessfully by vandals, but door still locks and unlocks from inside. I have a new can of Bondo and also purchased cosmetic paint in exact color.

Driver's side.

Front seats. Shiny sun shade is included. I'd made window screens and attached with sticky Velcro tape to keep cat cool in summer. Some tape remains. You can have the old screens I cut to fit but they are a little sticky.

Interior is red. No insulation. I used Reflectix and sticky velcro, but the heat in summer loosens the tape.
You can see the blue curtain that swings across the front. Curtains are included if you want them.


Inside the van. About 9 feet long, 4.5 feet between wheel wells and 5.5 feet wide elsewhere. Six foam squares across (not included). Note the coordinating plaid draperies for privacy across double side doors.

I may add some extras you can use if you are a van dweller.
Exclude what you don't need. If I find more things I'll include them.

You can have the red plaid curtains (wool) which cover the back doors, two side doors and a blue piece which acts as a wall behind the front seats. (The Reflectix® insulation came down in the heat and is not included.)

There have been times this van came in handy when I was away from home and needed a place to sleep.

Remnants of the Reflectix® insulation I had installed. Under the mattress is a white piece of 1/2" styrofoam insulation you can have. I kept a step stool for easier entry. (The mattress, step stool and other items are not included. I use them in my house.)